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Angela Ngai (2021-2022)
Director (Appointed by The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups HKFYG)
  • Director (Appointed by The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups HKFYG)




Ms. Angela NGAI Mei-mui is the Deputy Executive Director of The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG). She holds a M.P.A. from the University of Hong Kong and is currently an Ex-officio Director of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Young Entrepreneurs (HKGCYE).

Ms Ngai has a life-long commitment to serving young people and has participated in numerous areas of the HKFYG’s work in the past three decades. She is also concerned about the formulation of social policies in relation to youth welfare and development. During her tenure as Supervisor, she steered major initiatives relating to service innovation, corporate communications and strategic development, as well as planning of educational campaigns and community projects.  Ms Ngai has been actively involved in nurturing young leaders and plays a significant role in youth research and advocacy.

She was a former Member of the Standing Committee on Policy Research and Advocacy of the Hong Kong Council of Social Service (2018-2020) and a Member of the Community Research Subcommittee of the ICAC’s Citizens Advisory Committee on Community Relations (2008-2013).