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Rudy Chan (2021-2022)
Vice Chairman & Treasurer

Rudy Chan

Co-founder and COO, Cloudbreakr

Rudy Chan is co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at Cloudbreakr, a social media analytics startup focusing on influencers. He leads the team responsible for managing the company’s operations in Hong Kong & Southeast Asia. This involves working with industry leaders, including digital marketing firms and brands to provide data insights that helps marketers to optimize influencer marketing spending.

Prior to Cloudbreakr, Rudy spent 5 years at KPMG as a senior consultant, where his major clients are financial institutions such as J.P Morgan and HSBC. Rudy holds a bachelor’s degree in Commerce from University of Toronto and he is passionate about creating values as a startup and helping the next generation through technology.




陳慶達是騰浪科技有限公司的共同創辦人及業務分析總監。成立于2015年,騰浪科技透過社交媒體數據主導的分析和評級機制,助香港和東南亞的品牌以數據洞悉網絡影響力,發掘更多商機。同時也希望通過數據去推動營銷行業繼續蓬勃發展,尋找更多可能性。 他主要負責管理公司運營和數據分析項目。