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Sam Sio (2020-2021)

Mr Sam SIO

Founder & Chairman, Come Know (Asia) Limited & SME Lab

Sam Sio is an entrepreneur, founder and chairman of Come Know (Asia) Limited (a creative and media agency) and SME Lab (a media platform focusing on business and digital transformation). He has over 10 years of experience in building brand planning and corporate planning for different corporates and SMEs.

Sam has been awarded a number of prizes and honors, including the Merit Award and “Most Favourite Youth Business Award Online” from the “HSBC Youth Business Award”, ” Innovative Entrepreneur Award” from the 18th Junior Chamber International City and “2015 Hong Kong Emerging Service Brand” from the Hong Kong Brand Development Council.

In addition, Sam is the member of some major chambers of commerce in Hong Kong, including the Rotary Club of Metropolitan Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Greater China SME Alliance Association, Hong Kong General Chamber of Young Entrepreneurs and Federation of Hong Kong Industries.