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Joyce Wu (2015-2016)
  • Secretary

Joyce is the Co-founder and Director of Cana Academy Limited. Cana offers academic consultation and education services, covering international curricula including the IB, GCE, GCSE and SAT etc. The team is composed of young and bright minds from world leading institutions including the Oxbridge and the Ivy League. In addition, Cana is the publisher of a series of IB study guides. The publication has presence in over 20 countries. Cana strongly believes in serving the community and we offered the Moriah Scholarship to the underprivileged community in the city. Cana was awarded the HSBC Youth Business Award (Gold) in 2013.

Joyce graduated from the University of Cambridge under full scholarship. Prior to founding Cana, she worked at McKinsey and Company, a premier management consultancy.

Co-founder and Director of Cana Academy Limited

  • HSBC Youth Business Award 2013 (Gold)
  • Awardee of the Caring Company